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Watch the video!

posted Aug 12, 2012, 12:17 PM by ASWTE Admin   [ updated Jul 13, 2015, 10:04 AM ]
Friends, if you have not seen it already, I encourage you to watch the video anchored in the home page of this website.
This video, produced by the Upper Room, is a great resource for prospective pilgrims of the Walk to Emmaus. Not only does it provide some background on the Walk to Emmaus, but it also includes testimonials from people from all walks of life who have attended the Walk to Emmaus.
As you know, the Walk to Emmaus not some "secret society" or "clique."
Rather, it's one of many tools that God uses to transform hearts and lives, to revitalize Christians, and to raise up servant leaders in the local church who can help Him change the world for His glory!
I encourage you to watch the video, to ask prospective Walk to Emmaus participants to watch it, and to be prepared to answer any questions about it.   
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De Colores and Fly with Christ, 
Mayes Howard
Chair, Atlanta South Board of Servants