Events Calendar

BEFORE YOU PLAN...Look at the bottom of this calendar. You should see the words

"Events shown in timezone: Eastern".

If you do not (maybe you see GMT?) then your personal device is telling our calendar that you live in a different time zone. That is something that is changed on YOUR end. You can read the information at the bottom of this calendar for a hint as to what to check OR... you can do the math! If it says GMT, subtract 4 hours from the time you see. Hope that helps!

Seeing the events at weird times? Check your PERSONAL device settings. While our Google Calendar is set to Eastern, your device can over ride the times. Look at the bottom of this calendar. If it doesn't say EASTERN, you may have one of two issues:

1. You are viewing the calendar on a laptop or desktop AND you have a gmail account and have never changed your google calendar from GMT to Eastern (calendar settings)

2. You have an iPad and your settings are overriding it. Check Settings: General: Date&Time. This should be set to Automatic and New York. If that is okay, look under Settings: Mail,Contacts,Calendar: Time Zone Support. If you don't understand this feature, make sure it is off.

We want to make sure that you know when to be where because we want you THERE!